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Reviews for Zoia's Gold

"Sington manages to bring Korvin-Krukovsky back from the grave. At the same time, he turns Elliot into a credible guide through the fictional -- but no less amazing -- part of his exceptionally diverting and involving thriller."
Chicago Tribune

"Gripping... Sington pulls the reader into the mystery ... weaving together the past and the present, quoting from Zoia's actual letters, and deepening the sense of unease, as the horror at the core of Zoia's work gradually emerges."
Boston Globe

"...a fine foil to that other great account of the Revolution Betrayed, Boris Pasternak's 'Doctor Zhivago' … Sington has a way of making the Great Events of revolution and dispossession and betrayal - in love as in politics - move forward with the whoosh of historical inevitability ... Madame Zoia, wherever she is, can be proud."
Cleveland Plain Dealer

"An elegant amalgam of fact and fiction... Sington, who had access to Zoia's private papers, could have written a compassionate, gripping biography, but he delightfully introduces his own creation, a fallen art dealer whose redemption lies in answering lingering questions about Zoia and her gilded paintings. Sington never sells out the real woman for a mere plot twist. Zoia's Gold is part thriller, part biography, and wholly engrossing."
Entertainment Weekly

"A haunting, mesmerising read."
Belfast News

"[Sington] not only melds the best elements of biography and fiction to create a tale that is at once expansive and intimate, but offers compelling insights into both his own creative process and that of his subject . . . [His] painstaking research shines through not only in his close reading of Zoia's texts, but in the wealth of period detail he amasses to make each sentence and scene crackle with life."
Moscow Times

"...a rich novel, marrying fact and fiction seamlessly, expertly travelling not just between eras but cultures - hugely satisfying, leaving all kinds of thoughts and questions in its wake."
Margaret Forster

"...a wonderful blend of history and speculation, using Madame Zoia's actual correspondence amd other accounts of her early life to weave a fascinating tale of past sorrows and future hopes, greed, malice and intrigue from the courts of Romanov Russia to the auction-rooms of the contemporary art world."
The Good Book Guide

"This gorgeously written novel of suspense shifts between contemporary Sweden, czarist Russia and 1920s Paris ... Readers will come away intrigued by Korvin-Krukovsky and the cross-cultural conundrum Sington so elegantly constructs."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Startlingly original... Emotional, riveting and unexpected."
Easy Living

"A most successful crossover that should appeal to mystery lovers as well as those who enjoy a richly textured historical saga."
Library Journal

"Sympathetically evokes the turning points in [Zoia's] life, especially her years in Paris and North Africa in the late '20s, when she balanced her artistic ambitions, an increasingly disapproving husband and an affair with a young fellow artist. Zoia emerges as a vibrant yet emotionally burdened soul... An engaging portrait of an artist."
Kirkus Reviews

"Captivating in life, Zoia forms an equally captivating subject for a novel... The result is a seductive novel, an inspiration."
Oxford Times

"Strangely beguiling"
Daily Telegraph

"Sington's book is a fine monument to his muse."
York Evening Press

"Rightly questions the role of art once it reaches the financial stratosphere."
Art Quarterly

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