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Reviews for The Einstein Girl

"A first-rate historical thriller… Sington's grasp of period detail is awesome - the gramophone records fanned out against crushed velvet in a shop window, the roast-chestnut smell of Grenadierstrasse in Berlin's Jewish quarter - and his writing has a rich, lustrous quality: like being chauffeured in a vintage Bentley, albeit one that can do nought to 60 in three seconds. This is a serious novel with plenty to say about the unhappy affinity between genius and madness."
John O'Connell, The Guardian

“A stylish thriller… Strands of history and imagination are beautifully woven together.”
Kate Saunders, The Times

“A serious, well-informed and interesting thriller about the private life and family of an undoubted genius. Excellent period setting in Berlin in 1932 and numerous psychological insights – highly recommended”.
Jessica Mann, Literary Review

"Here's a guy who knows the value of building up an atmosphere of foreboding… Sington creates a sense of unease from the first page."
The Herald

"Historical novels with impressive depth, epic scope and startling psychological power are rare. Sington’s classy The Einstein Girl is all of these things and more, an edge-of-the-seat thriller with a moving love story at its core.”
Lancashire Evening Post

"Intriguing… Sington has concocted an imaginative but plausible scenario … in this atmospheric thriller.”
The Irish Independent

"A beautiful, and at times painful, portrait of love, knowledge and society… Sington provides the pitch-perfect context of both German society as a whole, and the psychiatric profession, in the months just before Adolf Hitler rises to power. Compelling until the end, The Einstein Girl is a stunning book that culminates with a shockingly dark twist.”

“Intriguing, sparkling with intelligence and imaginative historical perspective, Sington has crafted a remarkable thriller based on a long-kept secret between Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Maric. Read it.”
Your Choice

"Absolutely riveting… beautifully written.”
Speaking Volumes, New Zealand Radio

“Sington's plot is excellent and clever. I was reminded of Hitchcock for the suspense element with a bit of Agatha Christie for the intrigue. I loved it. It is most certainly a page turner par excellence…. The true elements in Sington's novel give that little edge of gravitas (not that it needs it) to the story. This novel has undisputed style.”
Louise Laurie, Bookbag

"A daring design: half thriller, half historical novel, executed with great skill. Sington is a veteran of complex drama.”
Cathrin Kahlweit, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

“Exceptionally precise, imaginative language draws in the reader from the first page… a fascinating book, meticulously researched and emotionally powerful – with a surprise ending. The verdict: highly recommended.”
WestDeutscher Rundfunk (Germany)

"Philip Sington succeeds in linking a subject as complex as quantum physics with a credible story, producing a great read. The Einstein Girl is a brilliant thriller with strong characters and a stunning plot.”
Ralf Kramp, Focus (Germany)

"A murderously exciting thriller … creates an irresistible vortex that sets off at a mad pace… and vividly describes the atmosphere of [1930s] Berlin.”
Lutz Bunk, Deutschland Radio

“In The Einstein Girl history and invention are brilliantly combined.”
Morgenpost am Sonntag (Germany)

"A high-profile, serious novel with thriller elements and a surprising conclusion.”
Annerose Kirchner, Ostthüringer Zeitung (Germany)

"[Sington] navigates the boundaries between fact and fiction such that even the most sceptical reader will believe in this captivating story.”
Susanna Gilbert Sättele, Berlin Literaturkritic

“The best holiday read: gripping and extremely well researched.”
Tachles (Switzerland)

The Einstein Girl places within the reader’s grasp the essence of the Theory of Relativity, while at the same time delving page by page into the deepest mysteries of the human heart and the human psyche… Thoroughly researched, thought-provoking and conceptually original… With intelligent prose, a well-constructed and suspenseful plot, Sington offers the reader a striking insight into the personality of Einstein.”
El País (Spain)

“Both intelligent and entertaining… Sington is a sensitive and careful narrator, and this seeming crime story offers us a key to understanding, as we can and should, this dark period of history.”
El Mundo (Spain)

“Philip Sington presents us with a compelling drama, a closely researched thriller and an atmosphere of dread.”
La Vanguardia (Spain)

“Beautifully written with clarity and directness, peopled with characters that should be counted among some of the best in modern literature… [The Einstein Girl] confirms Sington as one of the English novelists we should follow most closely.”
La Placer de la Lectura (Spain)

“This is one of those books that, once started, is difficult to stop, and in whose pages you run the risk of being held prisoner until the very last full stop… A frenetic story in which reality and madness intertwine, set against a meticulously reconstructed 1930s Berlin.”
Diario de Jerez (Spain)

“A fascinating story about a brilliant but emotionally impoverished man, his tragic family life and extraordinary times.”
Trouw (Netherlands)

“A novel that shifts your horizons, and invites you to think about your own existence. Afterwards you look differently at the people around you. Your world view changes at the same time… A novel about which one can truly say: formidable!”
Cultuurmix (Netherlands)

"A brilliant mystery with an intelligent narrative… superb storytelling, great characters, both real and fictional … make this book a compelling and worthwhile read… Even though it covers the complex subjects of psychiatry, quantum physics, unrequited love, and the Nazi race laws, don't be put off, it is actually a very easy-to-read book."

"As a historical novel … as a crime thriller … The Einstein Girl manages to satisfy on both counts.”
The Straits Times

"The Einstein Girl is a dark and beautiful novel, a fascinating historical thriller, a tender love story and a requiem to the victims of Hitler's Germany."
Rebecca Stott, bestselling author of Ghostwalk

"An intriguing science thriller set on the boundaries between madness and genius, that lost domain where few scientists go.
A foray into a little known facet of the greatest mind of the 20th century, The Einstein Girl is all the better for not being quite what you might expect."
João Magueijo. Professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College, London, and author of Faster than the Speed of Light

"The Einstein Girl is a page turner, smart and with superb historical atmosphere, while the two main characters will stay with you for a long time… A great ending … crowns this superb novel."
Fantasy Book Critic

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  • *The Einstein Girl is now available
    in B format paperback (4th March, 2009)

    The Einstein Girl in B format paperback

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